Premixed Ramming Mass

The Premixed Ramming Mass we provide is characterized by thermal stability and resistance to corrosion, wear and tear. These acidic ramming masses are used in the lining of induction furnaces. The Premixed Ramming Mass is manufactured under strict supervision of highly qualified work force. Stringent screening is done of the magnetic process to assure iron free material and optimum composition of granules. We provide premixed ramming mass for use in big capacity induction furnaces. We also provide packed ramming mass.

Benefits :
  • Appropriate mixing of binder leading to optimal mixture
  • Less wastage, due to mixing done in machines
  • Consistent, patching and life longer lining

Packaging :
  • We provide 50 Kg to 25 Kg plastic PP bags
  • Big jumbo bags of 1.00Mt to 2.50 Mt